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To the children of Mrs. Shriver, I was fortunate enough to watch the 30 for 30 program about your mom, God bless her. Putting a smile on a million kids faces cannot be anything but priceless. You were very lucky to have her for a mom, full of spunk. The remarks JFK made about her were wonderful! Just give it to her, she will get it done anyway. Your dad I met as a little boy, in framingham at the Mez Ami restaurant, 65th birthday for my grandmother, and he happened to walk by our table. My uncle waved to him and said its my moms 65th birthday. My grandmother said not to bother your dad, he was a busy man. Your dad sat down at our table, wished her a happy birthday and talked to her for twenty minutes. He made her feel so important, and like a million dollars. I'll never forget what your dad did, he was a special man to do that. I'll take that memory to my grave, God bless them both

Mike Andersen , Worcester
Tuesday, October 31 2017