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In 2009, just before Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away. Two Special Olympics Athletes from NJ went beyond the call of duty to represent inclusion and unified sports on the speech that was said by Mrs. Shriver herself. (The right you have in any playing field, you earned it.) Linda & Stephen Coston from Special Olympics of NJ competed in an amateur bowling tournament called the State Games of America to compete for that cause. They achieved it. Linda & Stephen Coston won the silver medal for second place, and Stephen Coston shot his highest game ever in the match against other regular bowlers. He shot a 290 game with 11 strikes in a row. He received the trophy plaque from the USBC-United States Bowling Congress. They did it again in 2011. Linda Coston won silver and a Bronze medal. Stephen won the Gold medal in scoring a 237 game to clinch it. They proved the point in the right you have in any playing field.

Stephen Coston , Montvale
Friday, January 31 2014