A Letter from Renee DeaseSpecial Olympics Athlete, USA

Gracefully Mrs. Shriver

by Renee Dease

Mrs. Shriver is honorary within herself
Memories of joy that I have of remarkable relationships-

Mrs. Shriver has touched my life and the lives of many all around the world

We all are still winning, which continues to capture the winning of persons with Intellectual Disabilities with feelings that I am honored to share and is well-deserved

The honor is a celebration which extends from yesterday, today and tomorrow with much love, admiration and courage as well,

A graceful 'thank you' to Mrs. Shriver, your vision of commitment to improve the lives of athletes of Special Olympics - have inspired memories of a special kind of joy-Mrs. Shriver, for you are honorary within yourself

About Renee Dease

Renee Dease has been involved as a Special Olympics athlete. She is the Healthy Athletes Coordinator at Special Olympics International.