A Letter from Dr. Robert E. CookeMedical Advisor to Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation and Special Olympics

Dear Eunice,

Health problems keep me away but my spirit is with you on your 88th. You have caught up with me again. Occasions like your birthday make me think of all the great things you have done. The one that stands out for me but rarely mentioned is FAMILY. Yes, the athletes of Special Olympics are enriched, their health is improved, their smiles broadened. And look at mother or father or brother or sister, they are proud, probably for the first time as the athlete crosses the finish line. The effort enables the whole family and will be with them for as long as they live. Special Olympics might consider Parent Awards, a letter that the parents can keep always.

Eunice you have done more for the family of Special Olympians as well as with your own children and with Sarge. 

Enjoy the birthday. I miss you. Affectionately,

Bob Cooke

About Dr. Robert E. Cooke

Dr. Robert Cooke is a former member of Special Olympics International Board of Directors and longtime medical advisor to the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation and Special Olympics. He directed the Kennedy Program for Research into the Etiology of Mental Retardation. This work covered a broad approach to the prenatal, neonatal, and postnatal causes of mental retardation, including viral disorders, biochemical aberrations, and neonatal chemical injuries. Cooke played a major role in the development of the Kennedy Institute for Handicapped Children, a center for the habilitation of the handicapped, and served as its first director.