A Letter from Ismail OsmanChairman of the Osman Group

It is a very difficult task to express my feelings towards Eunice, founder of that great cause Special Olympics.

When I pause for a while and try to figure out how to describe this Lady my vocabulary finds only one word - humanity.

How can those millions with special abilities conquer the love, thought and time of this great Lady?

We all over the world have a few thousand athletes in every program and feel the burden, but Eunice taught us how to love, respect and serve with admiration and pride our athletes.

I shall never forget how Magda used to brag to her friends about being the pupil of this great pioneer who was behind the recognition of this portion of the community especially in the developing countries.

In Egypt she became the symbol of community service through the recognition of our organization and our consent to the fact that this Lady was the mother to all those athletes and the people who serve them all over the world.

As to my personal feelings, Eunice is a sister, friend and inspiration to charitable work.

About Ismail Osman

Ismail Osman is Chairman of the Osman Group. He is a National Director and has been involved with Special Olympics International Board of Directors.