A Letter from Stanley E. StarzellFormer Director of Coaching and Training, Special Olympics International

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Dear Eunice,

You are an angel.

Since we first met in 1977, you shared your dreams, your spirit and your faith in Special Olympics. You always wanted to make the world a better place for special athletes, their families and their friends. "The compliments are nice," you would say to me, "but how can we make it better?"

You changed the world for the better. Special athletes can show their strengths and abilities. Special families and friends can feel proud while living full, productive lives. As the Special Olympics oath says, in part, "Let me be brave in the attempt." You accomplished your goals. Your incredible vision and insurmountable energy provided that hope and revelations.

I'm fortunate to have been touched by an angel. So is the universe. Your spirit is alive and your dreams have wings.


Stanley E. Startzell

Director of Coaching and Training

Special Olympics International, 1977-1982

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