A Letter from Larry CurtisSpecial Olympic St. Michaels Coach & Area Director for Special Olympic Navajo Nation

Founder of Special Olympic, Inc., Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver will greatly be missed. She will always be remembered throughout the world. She was God sent and now has a place next to the Holy Ones.The tremendous amount of work she has accomplished, the love she had for people with Intellectual Disabilities will always be carried forth.

I had the opportunity of meeting; shaking hands and conversing with the most unique and wonderful caring person during the 1991 Special Olympic World Games in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mrs. Shriver was most generous to Mr. Gary Begay, Special Olympian whom at the time participated in Athletic events and won Gold Medal in the 800 meter run. Gary was an instant celebrity and became well known across the vast Navajo land. Gary and I spent time with Mrs. Shriver and Singer and Super Star Jon Bon Jovi during the games. It will always be a memorable and fantastic experience spending time with them.

The words of advise, the support and the cheering they encouraged will always be cherish. Gary and I presented Mrs. Shriver with a tee shirt with Special Olympic St. Michaels and Navajo Nation logo's. She proudly put it on right away and wore while she presented Gary with his Gold Medal.

Now, Mrs. Shriver is one of the Holy Ones and is looking over us. I know she is smiling and is thankful for the love and care we are providing to her love ones. She will take good care of us.

God Bless Special Olympic families. Keep up the wonderful work we are blessed with.

Larry Curtis

Special Olympic St. Michaels Coach

Area Director for Special Olympic Navajo Nation

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