A Letter from Jeffrey H. SilbermanPresident, Carleton Management, Inc.

Dear Bobby,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you mourn the loss of your beloved mother and uncle. Our mutual friend and my former law partner, Michael Levinson, was kind enough to forward your email address to me. In 1976, my father, Richard Silberman, was privileged to assist your father in his Presidential bid-subsequently, my Dad was involved with Jerry Brown's Presidential campaign and served in his administration.

At the conclusion of the 1976 convention in New York, my father, brother Craig (who sadly passed away three years ago) and I were honored to spend the weekend after the convention at your parents home in Hyannis Port. I was a junior at Berkeley at the time and I will never forget the incredible memories of my weekend with you and your family.

My memories are truly special-Friday night we had dinner with your amazing grandmother, Rose, and other family friends-I sat across from her at the dining room table and she engaged me in lively conversation for the entire dinner. During dinner, your sister, Maria, and cousin Caroline, called from Kenya to chat with your grandma and she cut them short telling them she was "in the middle of an interesting discussion with a new friend."

The next day your Uncle Ted took us sailing with his son and other friends. Ted also took us over to your Aunt Ethel's home so we could also meet her. On Sunday morning your wonderful mother arranged a doubles tennis match with you and your father. She had learned that I had played at Berkeley my freshman year and decided I would be her teammate against you and your father. After a polite first game, your mom implored me to play my best, that we were there to win and told me "you don't know the Kennedys that well, but we are a rather competitive group!" After your mother and I handily dispatched you and your father, as we were walking back to the house your incredible Dad put his arm around my shoulder and said "so Eunice got to you!"

I will always remember that magical weekend in Hyannis Port with you and your family-as I reflected on the passing of your mother and uncle, I shed many tears reminiscing about their extraordinary kindness and generosity. I remain forever grateful for the lifelong service of the Kennedy and Shriver families who have enriched the lives of so many people around the world and have continued your uncles' dreams to leave our planet better than what we inherited.

As I reflect on your remarkable family, I am reminded of a passage from the Talmud: "I did not find the world desolate when I entered it, and as my ancestors planted for me before I was born, so do I plant for those who will come after me." Your beautiful families epitomize these values. I pray that your sorrow may be tempered by your memories and the love and support of your families and friends around the world.

Jeffrey H. Silberman

President, Carleton Management, Inc.

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