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Dear Sarge,

I was very sorry to hear of Eunice's passing earlier this month.

Before and during the many years that you and I (and Friend Frank) have been associated and worked together, your wife was a wonderfully dedicated leader and creator of powerful forces for positive change in so many ways, including her pivotal role in the formation and success of the Special Olympics. She was model citizen who was an example to individual (in and out of government) all over the globe as to what great results can be achieved when a brilliant and humanistic individual tackles societal challenges through consistent and persistent means.

Having witnessed such amazing events as the Special Olympics in the Peoples' Republic of China while I was stationed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, I can personally attest to the positive change effected in societies that had not heretofore been able or equipped to address the physical and emotional needs of the Special Olympic athletes.

Please accept my sincere sympathies and many continued best wishes.

Richard A. Steinwurtzel

Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

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