A Letter from Florence B. D'UrsoFriend and supporter of Special Olympics

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver is truly a Gift from God. As the Founder of Special Olympics, the world over knows about her unbelievable accomplishments. Eunice has given hope and brightened millions of lives of children and their families. How pleased she has made her Creator. She is esteemed and loved by so many friends and family who appreciate her goodness. I feel honored to be one who can call her my dearest and treasured friend. I love you dearly, Eunice ~and your beautiful family too!

We met at the first Best Buddies Benefit that was founded by their dear son, Anthony for the mentally challenged, in their beautiful Potomac home. She is an extraordinary role model for her children, who also followed her ideals, including her loving husband Sargent, and now their dear son, Timothy. Eunice and I found that in addition to having a profound commitment to charity work and family, we also shared a life long devotion to Our Lady and our Church. Our dear friendship has never wavered, but grown, during the years through sickness, heartache, and joys.

We also share a great love for Beloved Blessed Mother Teresa and try to live by her words, and to quote Mother:

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives."
"The world today is hungry not only for bread; but hungry for love; hungry to be wanted, and to be loved."

"If we pray we will believe; if we believe, we will love, if we love we will serve."

These quotes all epitomize the life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Once again, we thank Almighty God for putting Eunice in this world.

With great Admiration, a heart full of Love and Prayers,

Florence B. D'Urso

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Florence D'Urso is a friend and supporter of Special Olympics.