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Dear Mrs. Shriver,

It is such an honor and a joy for me to have this extra special occasion to say "Thank You"!

It was nearly a decade ago that we met when I had the honor of portraying Loretta Claiborne in the film of her life. And from that very first moment we met, everytime I am in your presence I am reminded that one person like you who moves from a heart of pure love can literally alter the lives of millions in the most beautifully profound and life affecting ways imaginable. You, Mrs. Shriver, inspire me to no end and I know in my heart that you, one woman with a heart of love and a soul of strength, embody in human form the true potential that lies within each and everyone of our spirits. You are a living example for us all to be who we are truly meant to be and do what we are meant to do no matter how cruel the world may seem. You have reminded us all we must care for, cherish, lift up and mainly love each other just because we are all purely, simply, and divinely special in our own ways. Thank you, Mrs. Shriver, for being a beacon of light and a teacher of love to me and to so many.

It has been an honor and a gift to bare witness to all you have done for so many.

With love and light and peace and blessings,

Kimberly Elise

About Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise is an actress and starred in the ABC Disney film, "The Loretta Claiborne Story." She is a two-time NAACP Image Award winning American film and television actress. She is best known for her role in the film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."