A Letter from Lawrence S. DiCara

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Dear Sarge,

I am not sure how you are handling your mail these days, as to whether someone is reading it to you or not, or whether this will be read by someone else in the family. Here goes.

Please accept our deepest condolences upon Eunice's passing. As I dictate this note, I am standing in front of the picture of the three of us back in 1975 or 1976 when we were spending so much time together in Massachusetts. It seems like 100 years ago, rather a bit more than a third of a century.

I only have sense from having seen both of you a few years ago at the Library how difficult these past few years have been. I know that your faith is so strong that your realize Eunice will be just fine.

Long before this note arrives, there will be plenty written, reminding the world of the extraordinary number of achievements that you and Eunice brought about, Special Olympics being at the top of the list. You were a team for so many years and the tow of you together certainly unstoppable.

I know I speak for millions of others when I suggest that I know Eunice will rest in peace, although "rest" was hardly her favorite word.


Lawrence S. DiCara

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