A Letter from Proud Mother of a Special Olympics Athlete

My son Sean is a Special Olympian. A grand 17 medals and countless ribbons and certificates. Sean is autistic and it's quite something for him to be celebrated for doing anything better than his age peers.

When children in his class were celebrated with honors for being the smartest, the most books read, recognized by his schools for almost everything he would never be able to achieve. Sean has the Special Olympics, whether he wins a medal or a certificate he is puffed up with pride. Just the excitement of being in a great event is a celebration the recongnization of each participant is an honor and the medals are a tangible award of doing a great thing. I am crying as I write this because the woman who gave us this big event in Sean's life has given many of us such a wonderful thing. I want her family to know much she has given many of us. It's not simple enough to put into words and it is bigger than just Thank You. God bless Eunice Shriver. She is always in our hearts.


Sean's Mom