A Letter from Special Olympics Montana

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A Tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver:

Carpe Diem! Indeed, Eunice Kennedy Shriver seized every moment of every day during her remarkable life to create a world of respect, acceptance and inclusion for people of all abilities, but especially for those individuals with intellectual disabilities through Special Olympics.

While we grieve the loss of this grand woman, we celebrate her grand vision and the profound impact she made as one of the world's greatest humanitarians. She was a person of all seasons for all people and inspired us to give our personal best, not unlike Special Olympics athletes.

Through a universal common language called "sports", Mrs. Shriver brought together the world in celebration of our differences, but more importantly in recognition of our similarities. Through her persuasive and tenacious influence, Mrs. Shriver was undeterred by naysayers, those who marginalized, those who patronized and those who feared the unknown. She pursued the Special Olympics mission purposefully and with urgency. She knew, as we now know, that each of us has a finite amount of time on earth to make a difference.

I dare say that Mrs. Shriver would ask but one thing from us: to make the best of each moment on behalf of Special Olympics as we carry forward her legacy. She would insist that we invite and push the world until every person, every community, and every nation welcomes people with intellectual disabilities as valued members of the human race.

Thank you, Mrs. Shriver, for gracing our lives with your vision, your passion, your compassion and your resolve to make the world a much better place for all God's children. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the greater good with you.

The people from the great state of Montana extend their deepest sympathy and embrace the Shriver family during this difficult time with our thoughts, prayers and love.

Bob Norbie

President/CEO, Special Olympics Montana

Member, Special Olympics International Board of Directors

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