A Letter from Special Olympics Nepal

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Dear Dr. Tim,

We Special Olympics Nepal family is deeply saddened to realize that the founder of Special Olympics movement Honorable Eunice Kennedy Shriver has passed away from this earth. It has deeply shocked us.

Her vision changed millions of people attitude towards intellectually disabled people, her idea changed millions of intellectually disable peoples life positively, her dedication and untiring efforts made this movement grow globally to address the challenges of intellectual disability.

Now, she is no more physically with us. We believe she is the goddess who came to earth as an angel for the people who were in need of a angel and completed her mission, Special Olympics movement and left. Definitely, she will be remembered and worshiped for her work and mission till human being live in this earth. She is immortal. Her heart, mind, spirit and legacy will be always with the people who understand intellectual disabilities and its challenges.

However, we are sad not to have her physically with us now, our commitment and tribute for her, we will work more seriously following her path for making Special Olympics movement more dynamic and a greater movement, in the days to come. In this sad hour and time Special Olympics Nepal whole family expresses deep heartfelt condolence to all Shriver Kennedy family. May god give heart to bear millions of people mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver passing away from this earth. And may god give her soul to rest in peace.

Dr. Jyoti Sherchan


Special Olympics Nepal