A Letter from Dr. Obinna AwiakaOpening Eyes Clinical Director

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Hello Fola,


I heard the news of Shriver's death and it dawned on me. What will the world remember about me.

Some weeks ago, we lost Michael Jackson and the world went wild with tears and emotions and possibly regrets. Regrets that MJ wasn't giving the chance to be like every normal child, he probably didn't have a childhood no wonder he wore a natural frown in his older years. In my mind I strongly believe that MJ was "intellectually" challenged.

I have volunteered in churches, clubs and associations, but nothing has given me more joy than seeing the smiles on those cute faces not just for winning but for being giving a chance to be part of the competition. The smiles that captivate my heart whenever I put on those Opening eyes spectacles on their faces. Thank you Shriver for obeying God's voice to start Special Olympics and for all of you who make up this great team.

MJ may have sold billions of records and touched billions of lives but the world just lost someone who I make bold to say is greater than MJ. EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER. You not only touched billions of lives but you touched me and I promise to touch many more lives. YOU ARE INDEED A LEGEND.

You will forever be in our hearts.


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