A Letter from Jay EmmettPresident of Redwood Productions

Dear Tim,

I first met Eunice in 1973. A mutual friend of ours, Jay Walter Kennedy, (no relation to her family), the commissioner of the NBA, brought her to my office. She wanted to talk to me about sponsors and fundraising. We talked for over an hour.

Years later, I told Eunice that Warner Communications would give the proceeds from the premiere of our upcoming Superman film. I think Eunice had about five employees working for SOI at that time in Washington. She and this small staff worked feverishly on the premiere.

She formed a committee with some Washington notables. Vice President and Mrs. Bush turned over their house for an after-movie party. No one ever turned Eunice down. I found out that when you got involved with EKS and the Special Olympics movement, it was not a part-time job. Meetings, Special Olympics Winter and Summer Games were to become part of me. More importantly Eunice became a part of my life.

Everyone who comes in contact with her sees what this dedicated, inspiring woman means to the athletes and their families. She is the spirit of this incredible movement. She inspires the athletes--she is a caring--loving inspiration to all who participate in this remarkable global movement.

She has been my dearest friend for these many years. I am waiting for the Nobel Prize Committee to give her their coveted award.


About Jay Emmett

Jay Emmett is a business executive with interests in motion picture production, real estate, and media investments. He is the President of Redwood Productions in New York City. Mr. Emmett became involved with Special Olympics in 1972. He is on the Special Olympics International Board, and a member of the Board's Executive, Audit & Finance, and Public Education & Awareness committees. He also serves on the Board of 4Kids Entertainment, a global provider of children's entertainment and merchandise licensing. Emmett has three sons and lives in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida.