A Letter from 2009 United States Leadership Council

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From the 2009 United States Leadership Council:

As members of the family of Special Olympics, the loss of Eunice Kennedy-Shriver strikes us all deeply and painfully. But the sadness is tempered by the realization that the legacy shall live on. Individuals with intellectual disabilities shall continue to gain acceptance and advancement; families shall continue to receive hope and support; communities shall continue to increase knowledge and enlightenment: the world shall continue to open to the mission of this great movement.

We, the representatives of the Special Olympics United States Leadership Council, the advisory voice of the U.S. Special Olympics Programs, pay honor to her life and her vision. We pledge our collective energies to the continuation of her selfless efforts to open the eyes of the peoples of the United States. We will continue to promote awareness through sports training and competition, to the endless possibilities and vast potential present in each and every person with intellectual disabilities.

Chair, Georgia Milton-Sheats, CEO, SOGA

Chris Hahn, CEO-SOKS

Bill Shumard, CEO-SOSoCA

Neal Johnson, CEO-SONY

Pat Carpenter, CEO-SOLA

Bob Norbie, CEO-SOMT (IAC Chair)

Keith Fishburne, CEO-SONC

Steve Jacobson, BOD-SOSD

Margaret Larsen, CEO-SOT

Priscilla Dowse, CEO-SOWY

Larry Elrod, BOD-SOMO

Parker Thornton, ATH-SONH

Paul Marretti, ATH-SOVA