A Letter from Gernot MittlerPresident, Special Olympics Germany

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It is with great sadness in the hearts of our Special Olympics family here in Germany to have learnt of the passing of your mother and our Special Olympics idol, Eunice Shriver. She incorporated so much of compassionate leadership we all strive for and gave all of us in the Special Olympics tradition, the athletes as well as all the volunteers, the opportunity to be more than we are. We were honored to have had her in our midst, to have felt her spirit of drive for the betterment of the less privileged and to have seen her even at great distances carry the idea of this great movement with unending commitment and devotion to full success. She was a legend in her time, her passion remaining with us unabated in its fervor and will continue to strengthen our determination here in Germany to give our very best honor that legacy and carry forward the spirit of her greatness. She stood in nobody`s shadow.

Please receive the condolences of the Special Olympics Presidium here in Germany

with our warmest embrace and the hope that our prayers will make this loss a little more bearable for you and the entire Shriver family.

Yours faithfully

Gernot Mittler, Staatsminister a. D.