A Letter from Cherie Nursalim, Enki Tan and familyChair, Three on the Bund, Shanghai

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Dear Tim,

We in Asia join you and all around the world in grieving for the loss of Madam Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

My brief encounters with your mother were only at the Special Olympics in China where we also had the honor to host you and your inspiring team at Three on the Bund in Shanghai. Eunice has left an indelibly endearing impression upon me and all whom she touched in China that one woman who believes can change the lives of so many across all corners of our world. Her qualities live on in you, in your siblings and your children. We were all touched by her energy and presence, we are all inspired by you, your family, and the extended Special Olympics family and friends.

I've just returned from Beijing having attended the funeral of Deng Xiaoping's wife Zhuoling. Little is known outside about this woman who has been fighting alongside Deng Xiaoping, and intimately part of China's modern day miracle. Still she raised five children each with inspiring accomplishments in diverse fields with value system inscribed in their own humble lives and carrying forth the quiet yet timeless glories of their family who shall live on. Their eldest son Deng Pufang and you both collaborated during the Special Olympics hosting the Special Friends around the world in China. As a board member of China Disabled Persons Foundation and a dear friend of Special Olympics, those were proud moments of history in the making and your mothers were proudest then.

In the same period, you have both lost your mothers, the world has lost two legendary women. We weep with you. Though as friends we take pride that their timeless legacy shall live forth ever stronger in you as the children in your steadfast footprints to bring smiles for tens of millions with special needs to better ourselves, our human race and our planet!

Our deep deep condolences, do be strong!

Cherie Nursalim, Enki Tan and family