A Letter from Lisa MadiganAttorney General, State of Illinois, USA

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Dear Kennedy and Shriver Families,

My heartfelt sympathy goes to your families on the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. While you grieve her passing, you must also take solace in knowing her incredible spirit, unbending devotion and inherent kindness truly changed the world for millions with intellectual disabilities.

Your amazing families have given us leaders from the statehouse to the White House, ambassadors and heads of international organizations. Yet, Eunice and her lifelong crusade to change how we perceive and treat those with intellectual disabilities may provide the most lasting legacy of all. Her founding of the Special Olympics would eventually lead to a society

that celebrates, appreciates and loves those with intellectual disabilities rather than hiding them away in institutions. I am proud the first International Special Olympic Summer Games were held in 1968 here at Chicago's Soldier Field.

Special Olympics is one of the most wonderful programs I am aware of, and I have had the honor several times as Illinois Attorney General to participate in the opening of the Special lympics of Illinois Summer Games. There is no better testament to Eunice'life than the athering of these athletes in stadiums where hundreds and even thousands stand to cheer.

We all hope to leave the world a better place than when we arrived. By all measures, Eunice ucceeded in that. I know this is a sad and trying time for those closest to her. I hope that the comfort of your faith and your fond memories of her lead you soon to happier days.

Very truly yours,

Lisa Madigan


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Lisa Madigan is the Attorney General of the state of Illinois, USA.