A Letter from Special Olympics South Carolina

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Tribute to Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver

I have benefited from Mrs. Shriver's vision on two fronts. As President & CEO of Special Olympics South Carolina I have been able to see the accomplishments our population have been able to make for over twenty-three years. I am truly amazed and humbled at every competition and training to see just how special our athletes truly are. These opportunities would not have existed without Mrs. Shriver.

As a parent of a ten year old with Down syndrome I have felt firsthand the true joy of seeing my child set goals and accomplish them just like every other ten year old and to have countless opportunities to grow and become an amazing athlete in her own rite. I can't imagine what her life would be like without Mrs. Shriver's ability to move mountains for our population. Her drive and dedication to those with intellectual disabilities is without peer.

I could work two lifetimes and could not come close to repaying the debt of gratitude I owe Mrs. Shriver for the difference she made in my and Erin's life.

Thank you Mrs. Shriver - your legacy will live on for as long as there is at least one person left in the world with an intellectual disability.


Barry S. Coats

President & CEO

Special Olympics South Carolina