A Letter from Florence NabayindaSpecial Olympics Athlete

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Lady Eunice Kennedy Shriver to me, Florence, is not just an inspiration but a redeemer.

I have always failed to imagine how my life could have been if it were not Special Olympics that reached me in the trash I was dumped.

I have become the most outstanding in my family while as I was the least important.

She is my great personal friend. I always feel great when I am near her; sincerely I enjoy those moments. I will never get tired of talking about her name.

Usually I see her as a great loving mother of all persons with intellectual disabilities. If I were to give her a title, I could choose "Mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver"

About Florence Nabayinda

Florence Nabayinda was born in 1978 in a very far away village in Uganda. Prior to training and competing in Special Olympics; Florence had no self-confidence and was extremely shy. Through Special Olympics she has learned to excel both in sports and in life. Florence trained as a long-distance runner and competed in the Special Olympics Tanzania 10K in 1997, and the half-marathon at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in North Carolina in 1999; she received gold medals at both races. Florence is also a Global Messenger and a Special Olympics International Board Director. She has now been involved with Special Olympics for more than 10 years and currently works at the Special Olympics Uganda headquarters. She has also adopted a child, and her dream is to one day serve in the Parliament.