A Letter from Special Olympics Gibraltar

We are devastated with the death of Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver She has touched so many people worldwide that the whole world is in mourning.

The influence that she has had personally on me was reflected when I was asked to write a piece for a book being published here in Gibraltar on Local women who had done a lot for the community The book was called Half of the nation. Published in 2000.

It was a short resume of my life and what has been most important to me and what I had achieved locally An extract is reproduced below.

"I was awarded the MBE in 1992 for services rendered to people with learning disabilities. My mentor was Eunice Kennedy Shriver an exceptional woman. A woman of strength and courage. A believer in what she does and, with great tenacity, imparts on the rest of the world this great belief. Everyone she touches goes away with a feeling of having drawn strength from her. The day she leaves us many people will mourn and Special Olympics will be at a great loss".

Many people in Gibraltar have felt her passing away but at the same time thank her for allowing us to share in her belief. I started Special Olympics in Gibraltar in 1984 and have had many opportunities at that time to share with Mrs Shriver meetings, training schools conferences - what I wrote in 2000 was a testament of what she gave me what formed me and what today Special Olympics Gibraltar stands for.

Thank you Thank You Thank You

May you rest in peace.

Annie M. Risso MBE

Programme Chief Executive

National Director