A Letter from Special Olympics Macau

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A Tribute to Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Esteemed Special Olympics Founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver,

Special Olympics Macau feels extremely sorry about your passing away. Your contribution benefits the people with intellectual disabilities and the general public as well.

40 years passed since you made the first Special Olympics games a reality in 1968. Since then the ID people have been given the chance to reach their full potential, and the general public to change attitude, recognize their value and enjoy their accomplishments. In the meantime the families feel the support and acceptance of our athletes from the society.

Special Olympics is now a worldwide movement, that caters to the diversified needs of the ID population. We attribute all this to your efforts over the past 40 years, who elevated the social position of the population tremendously.

In 1983 Macau was invited for the first time to attend the 6th Special Olympics World Summer Games in the USA and our Program was founded in 1987. We were inspired by Mrs. Shriver to start health and rehabilitation activities that provide a variety of programs for ID people in Macau to choose from. As the result of their training and experiencing, their confidence grew and they became productive people recognized in the communities.

It is owing to your efforts, Mrs. Shriver, that we have witnessed the pages of glorious history created by the population. You are always a friend of the people with intellectual disabilities and a prominent advocate for their rights. We will remember you forever, Eunice Kennedy Shriver!

Sincerely yours,

Special Olympics Macau