A Letter from Paul Chi-Meng PunPresident and Co-Founder, Special Olympics Macau

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Dear Timothy,

All the Special Olympics Macau colleagues, volunteers, and I are greatly saddened to hear of the passing of our honorable Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Over the last several decades, Mrs. Shriver has been leading the worldwide movement of Special Olympics to promote equality and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and project their positive images in so many countries and territories, from West to East, and from North to South. It has been our honour and privilege that under the influence of Mrs. Shriver, we established Special Olympics Macau by which we join hands with people with intellectual disabilities to devlop sport among them and elevate their quality of life.

What Mrs. Shriver did for our alternatively challenged fellows is undoubtedly a legend that should be remembered by all, not only those around the disability sector. Her passing is a tremendous loss to the globe. Friends in Macau and I would like to send our deepest sympathy to members of your family and hope that the vision of Mrs. Shriver will be coming into reality in the foreseeable future.

God Bless!

Paul Chi-Meng Pun

President and Co-founder

Special Olympics Macau

About Paul Chi-Meng Pun

Paul Chi-Meng Pun is the President and Co-founder of Special Olympics Macau.