A Letter from Special Olympics Tennessee

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver - A Letter of Tribute

Reading emails I have received over these past few days, as well as the tributes being posted from around the world, it is quite clear to me that athletes, family members, volunteers, and even world leaders, have been inspired in a myriad of ways by Mrs. Shriver's words, deeds, and encounters they have had with her.

During my many years of involvement with Special Olympics, I have witnessed how she gave confidence to an athlete by personally instructing them, inspired hope and determination in parents and family members through her talks and one-on-one encounters, rallied legions of volunteers by her vision and passion, and convinced national and world leaders to join in a common cause. She was, indeed, a remarkable woman and world leader in her own right.

Whether new to Special Olympics, or one with many years of involvement and experience, each of us most certainly holds our own memories and thoughts as to what she has meant to us personally, to the community in which we live, and to the world in general.

As for me, I will always marvel at her success in creating a world-wide movement that effectively transcends the boundaries of race, religion, nationality, and ethnic differences.

Let this be our time to rededicate ourselves to her vision and to take up the torch of her passion to ensure the important work of Special Olympics is carried on for generations to come.

Alan L. Bolick


Special Olympics Tennessee, USA