A Letter from Commissioner John A. Danaher, IIICommissioner of the State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety

Commissioner John A. Danaher III

Eunice Kennedy Shriver made a statement to our nation, and ultimately to the world, about the value of all human life. She translated her belief into action, and the important principle in which she believed has manifested it self over and over in the person of every Special Olympics athlete who has distinguished himself or herself over the past forty-one years.

Special Olympics has been embraced, in particular, by all levels of law enforcement, and so we who support this important cause feel a special sense of loss at this time. Eunice Shriver exemplified the best of the American spirit. There can be no finer legacy.

About Commissioner John A. Danaher, III

John A. Danaher III is the current Commissioner of the State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety.