A Letter from John RusimbiChair, Special Olympics Rwanda

Thank You Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Thank you for the Vision and Action to care for people with intellectual disabilities around the world. You have been among few in the world that resisted and defeated any temptation of selfishness while you lived in this short corruptible life on earth. You accepted to be in the world but not of the world and your ascension to heaven is an obvious case to those who have seen, read or heard about you.

In 2004, when African program leaders met in Nairobi for a workshop on the movement, I was blessed to have a deeper insight into the movement's history, mission and objectives. Since then I have interacted with Dr. Dow and other Ambassadors of Special Olympics including athletes and developed a great love to work for the movement in Rwanda. I have always marveled at Eunice Kennedy's unconditional love for humanity. Her sacrifice to the special friends was only inspired by the almighty God.

Special Olympics Rwanda is grieved to lose you on earth but we remain inspired by your spirit to work tirelessly for the movement in the country. It was God's will to have you impeccably assigned to this rare vision and mission that has been planted allover. It is equally God's will to uplift you now and we believe you are reunited in His Kingdom above and busy monitoring your plants on earth.

We believe your spirit is still with us in the Special Olympics Family, Your Husband Sergeant Shriver, Your Child and Chair of the movement Timothy Shriver and all your children, grand children and the entire extended family.

As Christians celebrate the birth and death of Jesus Christ in remembrance of his mission on earth, so shall we always remember and celebrate the Founder's day of Special Olympics International as a symbol and a source of energy to spread the movement further a field among those that are still driven by selfish gains.

Let me say Bye Bye and request you to remain advocating for the movement to God as you rest in eternal happiness and Peace.

I thank you once again and hope God continues to bless you, your family and friends.

John Rusimbi,

Chair - Special Olympics Rwanda

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John Rusimbi is the Chair of Special Olympics Rwanda.