A Letter from Barbara WaltersJournalist and Talk Show Host with ABC News

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Eunice Shriver; Barbara Walters remembers.

Eunice made me water ski in the waters of Cape Cod which I hated. That was many years ago when she and Sarge invited me over the course of several summers to visit in Hyannisport. Yes, I hated the water skiing but I loved Eunice and her family...Sarge, those handsome sons and the adorable Maria. Eunice never stopped teasing me about my lack of athletic abilities and I never stopped being crazy about her.

I have another reason for loving Eunice. Like her, I also had a sister who was as a child diagnosed as "mentally retarded." She lived a difficult and isolated life. It was Eunice, with her founding of the Special Olympics, who gave people like my sister a chance to thrive and be proud. This is her great legacy.

Eunice has courage, humor, and integrity. It has been said that had Eunice been a man, she would have been president of the United States. I would have been first in line to vote for her.

About Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is an American journalist, writer, and media personality who has been a host on morning television shows (Today and The View), the evening news magazine (20/20), and co-anchor of ABC Evening News and correspondent on World News (then ABC Evening News). Walters was first known as a popular TV morning news anchor for over 10 years on NBC's Today, where she worked with Hugh Downs and later hosts Frank McGee and Jim Hartz. Walters later spent 25 years as co-host of ABC's newsmagazine 20/20. She was the first female co-anchor of network evening news, working with Harry Reasoner on the ABC Evening News and was later a correspondent for ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson. Learn more about Barbara Walters