A Letter from Father Ted Hesburgh, CSCPresident Emeritus, Notre Dame University

Eunice Shriver was a valiant woman. I know of her great faith and had anointed her twice during great crises in her life. She always came back and again out performed herself. There are countless children with disabilities for whom she has provided a happy and fruitful life with caring love. Eunice's Special Olympics are a legend of our times.

I have offered a Requiem Mass for Eunice and will continue to keep her in my Masses for the rest of my life.

To Sarge, her devoted husband, and all of her children and their families, all of us at Notre Dame send our deepest sympathy and much love.

Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC

About Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC

Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC, is the President Emeritus of Notre Dame University.