A Letter from His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrickFormer Archbishop of Washington

There was always a special light in the eyes of Eunice Shriver when she saw a child who was physically, emotionally or psychologically challenged. If the youngster fell, that light was filled with a wonderful maternal concern; if the child stood and continued its task, Eunice's eyes would shine with pride and admiration; but if the young one approached the goal with enthusiasm and courage, Mrs. Shriver's eyes would fill with tears of joy.

It was with that joy and dedication that she built the Special Olympics and that the needs of others, the poor, the stranger, the forgotten, but especially the challenged were always close to her heart! We will all miss her leadership, but we rejoice in the fact that this wise woman leaves behind her a great family equally dedicated to this same blessed work.

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick

Former Archbishop of Washington

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