A Letter from Donald KeoughChairman of the Board for Allen & Company, Inc.

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Dear Tim -

In forty years, Eunice changed the world.

With courage, passion, conviction and energy, she brought out of the darkness - out of the shadows, and into the daylight - a global society of wonderful, lovable, excited young and special boys and girls.

Eunice was relentless - she wouldn't take no for an answer. Thirty-five years ago, I led her to a room filled with a group of disinterested owners of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. In thirty minutes, they became disciples of Eunice. She captured my son, Patrick and she captured me and I respect her, I admire her, and I love her - Don

About Donald Keough

Donald R. Keough is Chairman of the Board for Allen & Company, Inc. He served on Special Olympics International Board of Directors.