A Letter from Lowell Weicker, Jr. Former Governor and U.S. Senator from Connecticut

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Dear Eunice

What a great moment for me, my son, the world. What you have made possible for so many people defies all reason!

Whatever part I played in writing laws would never have happened has you not set a stage that up to you had never been contemplated.

Sonny just finished the Connecticut Special Olympics swimming last night. According to him he was second place, fifth place & last. Most importantly he felt great about himself.

Well you're first place in my book so have one on me in celebration of the past & the future.

Lowell Weicker, Jr.

About Lowell Weicker, Jr.

Lowell Weicker, Jr. is a former United States Congressman and Senator from Connecticut. He has also served as the Governor of Connecticut. Weicker is the 1992 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. He was the 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games Board Chair. Learn more about Lowell Weicker, Jr.