A Letter from Mary and John ManleyMajor supporters of Campaign for Special Olympics

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Dear Mrs. Shriver,

You have never stopped giving. You have never said....done...that's enough. And your spirit refuses to make that easy for others.

Your faith in God and your belief in the possibilities of every single human being cast a bright light. It shines on in your family, it shines on everyone you have touched, it shines on anyone who has been touched by the spirit of Special Olympics.

In so doing you have become a peacemaker and Special Olympics, a force for world peace.

Your light has given sight to a too often blinded world. You make courage visible. You make love visible. And you make visible the potential of every single human being.

May God continue to bless you always.

John & Mary

About Mary and John Manley

John Manley is a private investor who lives in Chicago, Illinois. He has previously served as the managing general partner of various investment partnerships engaged in private equity, LBOs, venture capital, and proprietary trading since 1980. John and his wife Mary are major supporters of the Campaign for Special Olympics and have been actively supportive of the Special Olympics movement. He has attended Special Olympics events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 Special Olympics World Games. He and Mary have three children one of whom has Down syndrome. He is involved in children's issues, the arts, and foreign affairs. Manley is a member of the Special Olympics Board of Directors.