A Letter from Miyares Family Special Olympics Family, Florida, USA

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Dear Mrs. Shriver:

Every mother has a dream for her new born baby and if she is blessed with an intellectually disabled child, she often wonders and doubts if her dreams will come true.

Special Olympics was the answer to my son's life, one which through sports became the Miyares family fairy tale life.

The whole family watched how our little boy Andy at age eight began meeting all the challenges that swimming, tennis, bowling, and playing basketball came into his life, and we all joined him with support and encouragement.

Andy grew and we saw him learn courage, dedication, determination, acquire self esteem which not only showed in the sports he competed, but in his learning, social skills and the ability to realize he had a place in our world. Andy is now 25 years old and has a job, a girl-friend who he plans to marry and enjoys life like his brothers and sisters.

Special Olympics and Andy took the Miyares family to the White House, to China where we watched him swim in the Summer World Games and saw you at the event, onstage with Enrique Iglesias and watched him speak in front of many in behalf of Special Olympics and I quote for me it means "Special Olympics is my life."

Mrs. Shriver you made my dreams for Andy come true far beyond my imagination and you will always remain in the heart of all the Miyares family.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Shriver and may God Bless you.

Andy, Ana, Carlos and all of the Miyares family

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The Miyares Family and their son, Andy, enjoy their involvement with Special Olympics Florida and the Family Support Network. Read more about Andy Miyares