A Letter from Lisa Lax & Nancy SternProducers, Lookalike Productions

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We have had the privilege of documenting the most incredible stories of Special Olympics athletes for over a decade. It has been the most inspiring, invigorating and rewarding journey. During our tenures at ABC and NBC Sports we have participated in the productions of Super Bowls, World Series, Olympic Games but none compare to what we witnessed at the Special Olympic World Games. Telling the stories of dozens of special athletes, as Mrs. Shriver calls them, has been an eye opening experience and one that has simply changed our lives.

We felt this way before we met Mrs. Shriver in person. Then, a few summers ago we had the opportunity to spend a weekend in her backyard at Camp Shriver with dozens of athletes. We could not believe our eyes when at 84 years old Mrs. Shriver jumped into the family pool to personally instruct swimmers on how to do the crawl. She then led a game of water basketball, coached soccer and volleyball and was the ultimate cheerleader. Her energy and passion were contagious as all of the volunteers strived to keep up with her. "The most wonderful aspect of a camp this size is the opportunity for personal interaction," Mrs. Shriver said. "This is how teaching really happens, how friendships develop, and how ultimately lives are changed." We have taken this sentiment with us into our family and professional lives. Mrs. Shriver's ideals continue to be a source of inspiration for both of us.

Lisa Lax & Nancy Stern

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Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern are Emmy-Award winning producers with Lookalike Productions.