A Letter from Evelyn GreerFriend and Supporter of Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shiver

Since Special Olympics inception Eunice Kennedy Shiver has changed the lives of Special needs people Worldwide.

Through Special Olympics she has given them a sense of achievement, belonging and dignity.

Eunice's commitment and drive has opened up new opportunities for Special needs people and their families throughout the World and her dedication has been supported by her own extended family.

From the early years in the United States of America Special Olympics has touched the hearts of millions of people around the World.

China 2007 opened the door for millions of athletes and spectators to focus on the contribution made by Eunice.

Eunice Kennedy Shiver is an inspiration to all.

Evelyn Greer OBE JP

Past World Board Member.

About Evelyn Greer

Evelyn Greer is a friend and supporter of Special Olympics. She is a former member of the World Games Board of Directors.