Remarks: 1977 World Games

Remarks for Opening Ceremonies -Winter Special Olympics

Saturday, February 5, 1977, 6:30 p.m.

Governor Lamm, Billy Kidd, Sven Wiik, Members of the Werner Family, Moose Barrows, Ladies and Gentlemen and Special Olympians:

100 years ago, these beautiful mountains stood cold and untouched above this town. Nobody dreamed that within a few years, thousands of skiers would cover these slopes, filling Steamboat Springs with excitement, color and fun. In the same way, few of you Special Olympians ever dreamed that you would be here today, to ski these slopes, to skate these rinks, and to show the world your ability, your courage, your determination. And your character.

This is indeed a week of giving. The families of Steamboat Springs are giving you, a home and kindness. Your instructors are giving you the finest skiing and skating instruction in the world. But you Olympians are giving something back to them and to the millions who have watched on TV. This week, you are giving them the news that it is not the strongest body nor the most dazzling mind that counts, it is the human spirit which is great as any mountain. You are giving them reassurance that although there is in this world much loneliness and suffering, there is also the surprise and wonder of possibility - the reaching out of one person to another, and the marvelous unfolding of hope.

I salute you all in admiration, and welcome you with joy.