EKS Day Fact Sheet


Honoring the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) presents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to seize the global goodwill generated by her lifetime commitment to people with intellectual disabilities. Recognizing this, Special Olympics is planning a legacy campaign that aligns and unites our movement in significant and permanent ways, supporting the advancement of our core strategic priorities. The Legacy vision is to celebrate the inspiration, impact and indomitable spirit of Eunice Kennedy Shriver by inspiring current and emerging leaders to be architects of change with passion and purpose. Just as EKS was one woman leading efforts for the 200 million citizens with intellectual disabilities, today our call to action begins with you.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's life exemplifies the difference one person can make in the lives of others, and in the quality of all our lives. EKS Day was developed to celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver's five key values:

Although Eunice Kennedy Shriver's legacy has improved the lives of the 3.4 million Special Olympics athletes and over 500,000 Best Buddies around the world, there are more than 200 million still living with diminished opportunities and social disrespect, many often neglected and hidden away.

The activities that take place on EKS Day should demonstrate the impact of these values to those unfamiliar with EKS and her revolutionary movement in more than 170 countries around the world on Saturday, September 25th. It will be celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of every September. There are three components to EKS Day:

We invite you to PLAY ON by joining the athletes of Special Olympics and buddies of Best Buddies, the real heroes of a movement to unify communities, and to honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver by becoming an agent of acceptance and action throughout the world.