EKS Newsletter: 3-02-2010: EKS Day Play book Development

EKS Day Play Book Development

On EKS Day, SO Athletes and non-SO Athletes alike will be brought together in the spirit of unity. Volunteering time, playing sports, and learning about the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver all contribute to the realization of EKS Day. Special Olympics Programs around the world will be encouraged to host events that celebrate the progress that has been made to advance the rights of people with ID, while at the same time shedding light on the work that remains unfinished. Examples of the types of activities envisioned for the day going forward include:

  • Programs around the world will be challenged to stage highly visible, inclusive sports competitions and other activities involving people with and without intellectual disabilities;
  • Government leaders will be encouraged to issue proclamations recognizing EKS Day and to announce or enact legislation or laws that improves opportunities or increases legal protection or recognition for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Schools, youth groups, camps, service organizations will be asked to make themes of tolerance and acceptance through Special Olympics and Best Buddies a core component of their activities on this day.
  • Communications outlets, editorial writers, professional sports leagues, corporations, etc will all be called upon to help spread a message of inclusion and to promote the rights and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Again our hope is for a global patchwork of competitions, events, announcements, educational opportunities, media coverage, etc that combine to collectively generate global awareness of and funds for the movement and the enduring legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and ultimately engage fans, supporters, influencers, and youth directly in the mission of Special Olympics.

    In April 2010, SOI will share the EKS Day Playbook to support local Programs' EKS Day activities.

    If you have questions please contact Helen MacNabb, Vice President, Strategic Properties at hmacnabb@specialolympics.org