EKS Newsletter: 3-02-2010: FAQS About EKS and Awards

Can Organizations give an Award to EKS posthumously?

Upon written request and approval by SOI.Written requests to present such an award shall be made in writing to Special Olympics, Helen MacNabb, hmacnabb@specialolympics.org.

Approval will be granted upon review by SOI and the Shriver family if the award aligns with the EKS legacy. Organizations or individuals may not use the EKS name and/or likeness, image, etc to raise funds, including those individuals or organizations that are approved to present an award to EKS posthumously.

Can Awards be named for EKS?

SOI is continuing to work with the Shriver family and the EKS Estate to establish an appropriate long term plan that will effectively commemorate Mrs. Shriver's life and legacy, which may include EKS Awards to benefit all levels of the organization. Information and feedback to support an EKS Awards plan will be gathered from the EKS Committee's work and at planning meetings (for ex., The Global Congress). The goal is to develop an EKS Awards plan for potential implementation in Year 2 of the EKS Legacy.

Who to Contact?
In the meanwhile, we welcome your EKS legacy ideas and/or EKS award ideas; please send to Helen MacNabb at hmacnabb@specialolympics.org