Newsletter: 2-11-2010: EKS Day Action

EKS Day Action

EKS Day honors the vision, commitment and achievements of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the tradition of making a difference that began in her backyard. The day's events will include a series of initiatives that celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver's legacy, including, large scale Unity Field projects, local sports clinics, Unified SportsT, educational seminars, and online engagement activities, fundraising events.

SO Athletes and non-SO Athletes alike will be brought together in the spirit of unity. Volunteering your time, playing sports, and learning about the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver all contribute to the realization of EKS Day.

EKS Day aims to generate awareness, and develop leaders within schools, and offer a platform for raising greatly needed resources. The long term goal is to launch a worldwide EKS day through partnerships with local sports clubs and scholastic athletic associations.


A local program initiative that invites communities to celebrate EKS Day by joining together for a day of unified games.


A large scale initiative to build a series of unity sports fields - athlete facilities serving the world's poorest communities on every continent named in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.


An online celebration inviting people to teach the EKS story, share new stories of change, and join Special Olympics' and Best Buddies' call to action for acceptance, skill and dignity.

Our hope is for a global patchwork of competitions, events, announcements, educational opportunities, media coverage, etc that combine to collectively generate global awareness of and funds for the movement and the enduring legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and ultimately engage fans, supporters, influencers, and youth directly in the mission of Special Olympics.