Newsletter: 2-11-2010: The Call to Action

The Call to Action - PLAYON

In recognition and gratitude for the world changing visionary leadership of Eunice Kennedy Shriver for more than 50 years in improving the lives, rights and opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics Programs around the world will be encouraged to host events celebrating an annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day (the Day). Communities and Programs around the world will be challenged to join together to:

--Celebrate and learn about EKS around the world; inspire the next generation to become architects of passion and purpose;

--Playon - take action and join in inclusive sport activities; and

--Unify the movement around the world on EKS Day.

Working with SOI Board Member, Peter Arnell and his international creative firm, Arnell Group, we are finalizing a logo/ mark and call to action for EKS Day.