Newsletter: 2-11-2010: EKS Day Committee

EKS Day Committee and Resource Development

As part of the effort to celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, Special Olympics has created a committee/ task force composed of a diverse group of individuals with in depth knowledge of the Special Olympics movement and specific functional areas therein, this body will ensure wide representation of key constituencies across the globe.

The Committee's duties include the following:

--Recommend educational enhancements to the global EKS Day set of resource materials;

--Review and provide feedback on an implementation plan for Regional and Program activation for EKS Day;

--Review the creative elements and messaging around EKS legacy and EKS day;

--Survey respective constituencies and colleagues as needed to provide additional ideas, feedback for EKS Day; and

--Suggest enhancements for future EKS days.

We are currently developing the following resources to support EKS Day:

--EKS+ logo graphics and EKS Day brochure-available 1 March 2010

--EKS Day Tool kit for Programs - available 31 March 2010

--EKS Day Education lessons - available 30 June 2010

EKS Day Committee Representation by Region

Africa- John Dow, Florence Nabayinda (SOI Board Member), Alessio Guiricich

Asia Pacific - David Rutherford, Simon Koh, Rudy Ungson

East Asia - Anna Chan, Wang Zhijun, Henrietta Siu, Tracy Li, Xiaoyue Rockie Zhao

Europe Eurasia - Kai Troll, Marian Murphy, Marc Angelini, Vicki Oren, Ana Petrovska

Latin America - Maricarmen Arauz, Reina Perez, Attabeira German

MENA - Ayman Wahab

North America - Beth Alldridge, Robyn Markey, Mark Musso, Laura Gremelsbacker, Tim Shriver (EKS grandson), Jenny Yu Zhong, Clint Armistead, Loretta Claiborne (SOI Board Member), Jenny Yu Zhong