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Without you "percolating" in life there will always be a collective and personal void. You have left growing lessons of a great life well lived. We will all always appreciate and be in awe of your contributions! I never met you but I love what your life…Kent Wood Mohr | Posted on Fri Mar 31 16:33:26 EDT 2017

Dear Mrs. Shriver, I want to thank you for creating The Special Olympics. I met you in Cape Cod by accident, and I was amazed at your kindness , hospitality with people who have disabilities. We just said Hello and I walked away. I have Epilepsy,…Susan Esquivel | Posted on Fri Mar 31 16:33:26 EDT 2017

Eunice Kennedy Shriver visited our Nation's Science Center through her son Anthony Shriver Kennedy who established Best Buddies International. We were pleased to see Memoriums in academic journals and historical books on Eunice Kennedy Shriver's work.…Julie Ann Racino | Posted on Wed Aug 31 09:58:10 EDT 2016

Mrs. Shiver when I heard you had passed away, I never felt the same as a Special Olympics athlete. Your presence will always be felt, no matter what. I never got to meet you, but I've heard of Maria Shiver. Rest in peace.carey H (twitchstitch) | Posted on Thu Mar 31 11:19:54 EDT 2016

EKS was a fearless and inspirational leader who advocated and strove to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Her vision for change created a social movement which is still growing, Thank you for your persistence, love, and…Stacia Helmer | Posted on Tue Feb 02 09:27:54 EST 2016

Eunice Kenndy Shriver belived that people with disablities could play sports while others didn't even want to believe it. Thanks to her, people with disabilities have a chance to prove to the world that they could do it. Thank you!Danielle Blue | Posted on Mon Jan 04 09:20:29 EST 2016

Mrs. Shriver, As A Prior Student Learning About You Gives Me Hope For People With Intellect Disabilities, I'm Doing A Project On You So I Decided To Write This And Maybe Let Another Person Be Inspired By Your Work By Teaching Them What You Have Done For…Azelia | Posted on Tue Dec 08 13:12:27 EST 2015

I never knew of Mrs Shriver until recently - her work staggers me - truly an inspiration.Heath | Posted on Tue Dec 08 13:12:27 EST 2015

Thank You Mrs. Shriver for starting Special Olympics! You were one amazing and inspiring woman and mom :) I love doing Special OlympicsRose Pleskow | Posted on Tue Dec 08 13:12:27 EST 2015

Thank you Mrs. Shriver and Your Beautiful Family.. The Shrivers are a Family that have made a huge difference and major contribution to the World. We are blessed to have you in our lives...Debbie Gee | Posted on Mon Aug 03 13:14:00 EDT 2015

I want to thank you for you support of all the Down Syndrome people you have given a great opportunity to. My sister Kelly, now 47, absolutely loved participating in the Special Olympics. It was a highlight for our whole family every year, not to…Kim | Posted on Tue Mar 31 10:00:49 EDT 2015

I read biography of the amazing woman I felt energy of love, kindness, Peace, caring, unconditional love, it made me feel proud to feel love I felt somehow her close to me. Thank youNatia | Posted on Tue Mar 31 10:00:49 EDT 2015

I have also chosen to use Eunice Kennedy Shriver as my National History Day project! I am a Unified Partner, on my local Special Olympics team :) My little brother is a Special Olympics athlete and my Mom is a Special Olympics coach!Caden | Posted on Mon Feb 02 10:18:11 EST 2015

For the Metro History Fair the topic is leadership and legacy in Chicago. My group chose Eunice's camp and the Special Olympics. You are such an inspiration and your camp is too. Me and one other person in our group are gymnast so this means a lot, to…Gabriella | Posted on Mon Feb 02 10:18:11 EST 2015

I am also doing a project on Eunice Kennedy Shriver For National History Day! Eunice goes great with Leadership and LegacySage | Posted on Fri Jan 02 10:15:53 EST 2015